AMBILAMP International Academy

The AMBILAMP International Academy for the Recycling of Light has been created to provide expertise for establishing environmentally sound management systems for spent lighting products in developing and emerging countries. Initiated by en.lighten, with the support of our private sector partners, Ambilamp builds on the experience for collection and recycling of lighting products that already exists in Europe and in countries outside of the European Union.

AMBILAMP is a non-profit association created specifically for the collection and treatment of lamp and luminaire waste according to Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive of 2005. It was launched on behalf of the major lamp manufacturers in Spain that same year.

Week long courses for en.lighten partner countries provide attendees with the necessary tools to establish national programs for the collection and recycling of spent lamps according to the unique circumstances in their own countries. It is targeted for government officials and technical experts in the field of waste management and energy efficiency.

The course provides training on the legal, technical, logistical, social and environmental issues related to the creation of an environmentally sound management system for spent lamps. Officials will also be introduced to best practices, such as those already designed and implemented by Ambilamp in Spain.

Government officials attending the course will acquire the necessary technical and methodological knowledge for the establishment of environmentally sound management programmes and identify legislative direction for the implementation of spent lamp collection and recycling schemes in their individual countries.

Countries interested in attending the AMBILAMP International Academy are requested to contact the en.lighten team at