Global Efficient Lighting Centre

The National Lighting Test Centre (NLTC), a key partner of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)/Global Environment Facility (GEF) en.lighten initative, continues to support the project in collaborating to accelerate the global phase-out of conventional incandescent lamps and to encourage their replacement with energy efficient, high quality lighting products. In September 2011, the Global Efficient Lighting Centre – UNEP Collaborating Centre for Energy Efficient Lighting, was launched in partnership between UNEP and the NLTC at a formal ceremony in Nairobi, Kenya at the UNEP headquarters.

The Global Efficient Lighting Centre is located in Beijing, China. It is a specialized and accredited facility that provides lighting testing, training, advice, quality control and capacity building support to the developing and emerging countries. It has been established to promote the rapid development of the energy efficient lighting technologies around the world.

Countries who have joined the UNEP/GEF en.lighten Global Partnership Program will be the first to benefit from the new Centre. Staffed by experienced lighting experts, the Collaborating Centre will support developing and emerging countries with:

  • Assistance in the establishment or strengthening of national and/or regional lighting laboratories;
  • Technical support to establish or enhance the quality control capabilities for lighting products;
  • Specialized support to develop quality control tests;
  • Technical support to improve production of energy efficient lighting products.