Southeast Asia and Pacific MVE Project

Improving energy efficiency, reducing electrical demand, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions across Asia are among the key aims of the new partnership between UNEP and the Australian Government. Efforts will focus on monitoring, verification and enforcement (MVE) activities and increase compliance, which are essential parts of ensuring a sustainable transition to efficient lighting.

Non-compliant, inefficient lighting products compromise the effectiveness of energy efficient lighting programmes and policies. Low-quality goods can breach technical regulations and intellectual property rights. They are often sold at prices that exclude fair competition. These products can pose serious threats to human health and safety as well as generate pollution and contribute to environmental degradation.

The project aims to increase regional co-operation on efficient lighting, including the sharing of information and harmonization of standards, as part of a regional quality control system to increase consumer confidence in energy-efficient products, and lower their cost.

The results of the collaboration between UNEP and the Australian Government aims to improve the monitoring, verification and enforcement of lighting products that can lead to other energy efficiency measures including legislation, policies, administrative processes and enforcement mechanisms.

The project will also involve quantitative and qualitative comparisons of the availability, performance and compliance of lighting products in the region, and the training of technicians and scientists.

Outputs from the project can be accessed via the en.lightened learning portal

Pacific Efficient Lighting Strategy

Since mid-2014, the en.lighten initiative and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) have been collaborating on the development of a Pacific Efficient Lighting Strategy (PELS) in order to achieve a regional transition to energy efficient lighting.

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