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What are the Country Lighting Assessments?

Global GHG emissions reduction need to peak by 2020 in order to keep the projected global temperature rise under 2°C. A global phase out of inefficient lighting achieved in the next few years would be among the most sensible and easiest solutions to prevent worst case climate scenarios.


A number of studies have introduced energy efficient lighting as a key short-term action to reduce energy consumption and address climate change (Light’s Labor’s Lost, EIA, 2006, or McKinsey & Vattenfall, Global Greenhouse Gas Abatement Cost Curve, 2007). Various countries have already started to move away from inefficient ILs and have initiated phase-out programs, for example; Cuba (2005), Australia (2007) and the European Union (2009). Canada and the United States have already adopted legislation which will start to be enforced in the near future. Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia and Russia, are expected to initiate the phase-out of inefficient lighting in the short to medium term. Other countries have engaged in market based transformation reforms towards more efficient lighting. There is however, a very large number of developing and emerging countries that have not initiated this transition and have not realized the economic and climate benefits of this action. 


The first generation Country Lighting Assessments provide an opportunity to clearly highlight the energy, financial and CO2 savings potential of efficient lighting if utilized in 100 countries that have not yet initiated the transition as of 2010. Country Lighting Assessments examine the potential for savings in electricity consumption, CO2 emissions and financial costs by replacing all installed ILs by energy saving CFLs lamps with equivalent light output. By promoting the tangible benefits of efficient lighting, it is anticipated that a growing number of countries will be interested in engaging in transformation activities that will result in extensive CO2 emission reductions and financial savings. The Country Lighting Assessments demonstrate the total potential of replacing all ILs to CFLs. A more realistic scenario would be an 80% adoption to CFLs, due to the availability of other, less efficient products, such as halogen lamps.


The IL phase-out is simply a preliminary step towards more efficient lighting. Greater energy savings are achievable by focusing on interior and exterior commercial and industrial lighting applications, with the installation of the most advanced linear fluorescent, metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps, as well as LEDs. The use of light controls, sensors, dimmers and improved luminaries would also contribute in achieving greater gains. Some of these additional scenarios will be object of further analysis to be addressed in the next wave of Country Lighting Assessments. 


Countries where relevant data has not been found or countries where a phase-out policy has been effective for at least one year (e.g. Cuba, Australia, EU member states) have not been object of national individual estimations. The first generation Country Lighting Assessments utilized available data from international agencies, institutions and the private sector. Whereas care has been taken to obtain up to date and accurate information from international sources and studies, we cannot guarantee that there may be inaccuracies. The first generation Country Lighting Assessments contain estimations and will be reviewed based on the feedback and new information that may be received from countries and stakeholders. We encourage country officials, research institutions, universities and interested parties to share their suggestions with us in order to improve the current results. If you have any comment please contact us.

1. What are the Country Lighting Assessments?
2. How to read the Country Lighting Assessments?
3. Methodology
4. Energy savings
5. Climate change mitigation benefits 
6. Financial benefits 
7. Country Lighting Assessments


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