Resources & Tools

Country support activities focus on overcoming the technical and policy barriers related to national, regional and international efficient lighting market development. The en.lighten Center of Excellence is composed of top international experts and organizations and UNEP technical staff that assist in the development of global recommendations and technical guidance in all relevant lighting sectors to support countries in their transition to efficient lighting.

A number of customizable tools have been developed including:

Country Lighting Assessments  highlight the potential savings in electricity consumption, CO2 emissions and financial costs by replacing all inefficient on-grid lighting technologies in all lighting sectors. Off-grid lighting assessments detail financial savings, health benefits, and CO2 emission reductions from a switch to efficient LED systems.

Achieving the Global Transition to Energy Efficient Lighting” Toolkit  is an unparalleled resource that provides practical and technical information to save governmental resources, speed the transition to energy efficient lighting, boost economies, and mitigate climate change.

The Efficient Lighting Savings Forecasting tool helps users to model the potential savings that a country could realize by a rapid transition to energy efficient lighting.

The Global Policy Map provides an overview of energy efficient lighting policies for all sectors and all technologies. Including: standards, supporting policies, product quality control activities, end-of-life policies and existing efficient lighting initiatives.

Targeted publications include the Efficient Lighting Toolkit  which provides comprehensive guidance to countries on how to transform their markets to efficient lighting and highlights best practice examples. The Guidebook for the Development of a NAMA on Efficient Lighting and comprehensive regional reports are also available

The en.lightened learning online support centre provides technical assistance by top lighting experts and contains forecasting tools, publications and guidance documents. A series of informational and practical webinars are also posted on this site.