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The en.lighten Toolkit “Achieving the Transition to Energy Efficient Lighting” is an unparalleled resource for providing guidance for countries to transform their markets to efficient lighting. This comprehensive tool highlights examples of best practice in important areas such as; policy development, regulations and standards. It will act as a key instrument to encourage developing and emerging countries to transition to efficient lighting to reap climate, energy, environmental and financial benefits.

The Toolkit is a practical reference manual that identifies many of the essential elements that need to be considered before and after inefficient lighting phase-out schemes have been initiated, including all of the elements of the en.lighten integrated approach.

The content of the Toolkit has been presented in practical, action-oriented terms to be utilized primarily by those responsible for drafting policies – environment or energy departments or agencies – but also by public utilities, private sector and civil society organizations. The Toolkit provides guidance in the following areas:

  • The benefits of efficient lighting - provides the opportunity to quickly gauge the potential of efficient lighting in terms of energy and financial savings and CO2 emission reduction. It also provides an overview of the barriers that may exist in the transition to energy efficient lighting.
  • Selecting and implementing energy efficient lighting policies - offers practical information on the development of policy and regulatory approaches to promote efficient lighting. This section includes best practice examples of countries which have developed successful regulatory frameworks.
  • Financing the transition to energy efficient lighting - provides economic and financial analyses for phase-out programs by demonstrating the significant return on investment and short payback period. The Toolkit also identifies potential sources of funding to aid in the transition to efficient technologies.
  • Ensuring product availability and conformance - provides information about market surveillance, compliance schemes and testing capacities in order to increase the range of complaint products and to ensure the success of policies that aim at transforming the market to efficient lighting.
  • Safeguarding the environment and health - focuses on the end-of-life treatment of lamps and examines key issues including; production, usage and environmentally sound management. It will also cover lamp dosing techniques; consumer related environmental, health and safety issues; and, a summary of existing international policy frameworks and best practices for disposal.
  • Communication, awareness and stakeholder engagement - provides guidance for awareness-raising campaigns to educate and involve the diverse target markets. Case studies will be included that highlight programs that incorporate various strategies and audiences.
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