En.lighten Deliverables
  • Roadmap for global lighting market transformation to provide guidance on the phase-out of obsolete technologies and the introduction of new energy efficient replacements. This will include key policy and technical recommendations to assist countries with their progress.
  • Set of global harmonized guidelines for quality, performance-based standards, and certification procedures for energy-efficient lighting products.
  • Comprehensive tool kit to promote market transformation on a national level based on examples of countries’ best practices and experiences.
  • Guidance and training materials for governments, the private sector and civil society for various lighting related topics including: standards development, certification, verification, communication programs, consumer and environmental protection, recycling, etc.
  • Country Lighting Assessments developed for each country to provide key information including; technology options, economic savings and GHG reductions potential that would result from the implementation of an efficient lighting program.
  • Support for national and regional strategies and policies.
  • Model end-of-life treatment strategy and guidance for efficient lighting products, addressing various health and environmental considerations.