Country Support

The en.lighten initiative has been established to assist interested developing and emerging countries to initiate and effectively implement their own market transformation programs towards efficient lighting. Country support activities focus on overcoming the technical and policy barriers related to national, regional and international efficient lighting market development.

Support will be provided in many forms including the Global Efficient Lighting Partnership Program, the Energy Efficient Lighting Toolkit, Country Lighting Assessments and meetings and events, such as regional workshops.

A key component of the en.lighten initiative is the Center of Excellence composed of top international experts and organizations from developing, emerging and developed countries. The Center consists of UNEP technical staff and expert taskforces that assist in the development of global recommendations and technical guidance in all relevant lighting sectors to support countries interested in the transition to efficient lighting.

The Global Efficient Lighting Partnership Programme is an unparalleled voluntary opportunity to work with en.lighten and other countries within a specific region to achieve a coordinated transition to efficient lighting. Participation in a strategic program that sets shared objectives and provides technical support will assist in identifying mutual barriers and may result in more aggressive goals for a country, while still remaining a cost-efficient exercise.

An Efficient Lighting Toolkit  will be available in early 2012. It will provide comprehensive guidance to countries on how to transform their markets to efficient lighting. It will highlight examples of best practices in important areas such as; policy development, regulations and standards development, to encourage countries to transition to efficient lighting to reap climate, energy, environmental and financial benefits. A phase-out strategy guide will be developed in the future which will provide clear direction on the steps to take to implement a detailed programme within a country.

Country Lighting Assessments (CLAs) provide an opportunity to clearly highlight the energy, financial and CO2 savings potential of efficient lighting if utilized for countries that have not yet initiated the transition to efficient lighting. The first generation of CLAs examines the potential for savings in electricity consumption, CO2 emissions and financial costs by replacing all installed incandescent lamps by energy saving compact fluorescent lamps with equivalent light output. The second generation of CLAs has now been released and includes a focus on professional lighting for both interior and exterior applications.

The UNEP/GEF en.lighten regional workshops demonstrate that the phase-out of incandescent lamps is one of the easiest ways to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve significant energy and financial savings. These meetings encourage governments to support an integrated transition to efficient lighting which includes policies and procedures to address all aspects of replacement products and practices, including sound disposal and recycling. The valuable conference material that has been generated, is available online.