Issue #6 September 2012

The new en.lighten Toolkit “Achieving the Transition to Energy Efficient Lighting” has been launched online.

The new Country Lighting Assessments highlight the huge savings potential of a global shift to energy efficient lighting for all sectors.

The first inception workshop for the Global Efficient Lighting Partnership Programme took place recently in Montevideo, Uruguay

The new online global mapping tool provides an overview of the readiness of countries around the world to move to efficient lighting.


An online support centre will be launched this Fall to support countries in their efforts to phase out inefficient lighting

Japan is a prime example of a country that is leapfrogging to LED technology

At the UNCSD Rio +20 en.lighten released an informative article authored by Mr. Achim Steiner and Mr. Kandeh Yumkella

A new, informative 5 minute a video has been produced for the en.lighten initiative.

The U.S. Department of Energy recently released part 2 of a study comparing LED lamps with compact fluorescent and incandescent lamps.

A vacancy currently exists for a Consultant for the en.lighten initiative.

Light Middle East
1 – 3 October, Dubai, UAE
Light Middle East provides the only dedicated lighting platform in the region for architects, lighting designers, specifiers and other industry professionals from across the GCC and Middle East regions to discover innovative solutions and lighting design applications.

Light India International Conference and Exhibition
5 – 8 October, 2012, New Delhi, India
The theme of the conference will be “Sustainability, New Technologies and Humanizing Lighting” which will cover topics such as; green lighting, LED technology, lighting design and the future development of energy efficient lighting technology. During the event, additional international workshops will be conducted by and the Global Lighting Association.

Interlight Moscow
6 – 9 November, 2012, Moscow, Russia
Interlight Moscow powered by Light + Building, is the number one trade fair focusing on decorative and technical lighting, electrical engineering and home and building automation.

3rd Annual International Off-Grid Lighting Conference and Trade Fair
13 - 15 November 2012, Dakar Senegal
This event is organized by Lighting Africa, with support of the Senegal Rural Electrification Agency (ASER) and is a follow-up to prior, highly successful events held in Accra, Ghana, 2008, and Nairobi, Kenya, 2010. It is an excellent opportunity for networking and information exchange, Business-to-Business linkages of global manufacturers and local suppliers, increasing investor support for improved lighting products and services, highlighting business and financing models for lighting projects, and obtaining updated information on Lighting Africa/Global activities.


Energy Efficient Toolkit Launched

New Country Lighting Assessments

Transition Strategies Begin in en.lighten Partner Countries

Global Policy Map Unveiled

en.lightened Learning Portal

Japan Leapfrogs to LED Lighting

en.lighten at Rio +20

Debut of en.lighten Video  

New Study: Life Cycle Assessment of LED Lighting

en.lighten Vacancy

Upcoming Events


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